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I've done a number of posts recently where I was showing how to do various little coding tricks. I figured out pretty early that if I just included code snippets in my html, this tricked browsers which somethings, I guess, thought it was script and didn't display it the way I expected. So I ju...

Don't Eat the Blue Food Words and music by Dave. Recorded live at Eddie's Attic in Decatur, Georgia. This number was inspired by my kids, who seem drawn to the unnaturally blue color of foods containing FD&C Blue Number 1. This food additive,...

Dave is now back to doing a weekday DaySide thing, so far really loving working at DocAuto (www.DocAuto.com)! The resume is still out there, but if you're looking to hire a solid .Net guy you're late to the game at this point. Bummer.